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DEFEND our city:  
NIOC is committed to defending our city, our families, and our children  against traffickers and their tactics.  We believe “knowledge is power” and awareness battles the dark and hidden world of sex trafficking by forcing it into the light.  We will deploy knowledgeable and concerned citizens and activists into our city to be agents of change.  We also believe that winning this battle takes a large army.  It is our mission to be a place of connection for all entities involved in this fight.  We are part of a collaboration of Houston-area non-profits that bring together our resources and knowledge to make a difference in this multifaceted problem.
We feel that resources and knowledge, in a collective effort, not only uncover the systemic plague of sex trafficking, but also reduce and can someday completely eliminate its demand. 


Partner Resources.

National Center on Sexual Exploitation

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation, formerly known as Morality in Media, was founded in 1962 in order to address the connections between pornography and sex trafficking, violence against women and children, harms to children, addiction, the breakdown of the family and more. In 2015 NCOSE established a Law Center to be the legal arm and counsel of the anti-sexual exploitation movement, with emphases in obscenity, sex trafficking, and prostitution law.

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Traffick911 is a team of passionate people driven to free youth from sex trafficking.

Traffick911 began in 2009 by a local abolitionist who learned about this crime and decided that she couldn't stay silent. After months of research and connecting to networks across the nation, she pioneered training youth and first responders across Texas and built an enormous base of highly-trained volunteers, who have been instrumental in Traffick911's long-term success. 

In 2011, an opportunity to present at a juvenile detention center gave insight on what became a highly effective venue for reaching high-risk youth. Since then, Traffick911's work in partnering with juvenile detention centers has gained national exposure and hundreds of victims have been identified sitting in these jail cells. Outreach to high-risk youth has become a niche and passion of Traffick911.

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HAAT (Houston Area Against Trafficking)

Houston Area Against Trafficking is a SOCIAL and COMMUNITY MOVEMENT kicked off by Jennifer Hohman.

We need to create a massive KNOWLEDGE SHARE, a GROUND SWELL, an UPRISING, and a REVOLT against the biggest issues in our city!

We are EVERYONE! We are ONE voice speaking out and saying "NOT IN MY COMMUNITY!" We are Parents, Students, Abolitionists, Leaders of Non Profit Organizations, Professionals, Politicians, Business Owners, etc., etc.

To raise awareness and take action, we deliver community presentations to schools and churches. One abolitionist, one father of a victim and one community member... provide a powerful message and a plan to fight back and save our children!

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Elijah rising

In Galleria West, one of the most sexualized districts of Houston, our headquarters building stands as a beacon of light. 5818 Southwest Freeway is a building that once housed an Asian brothel called Angela Day Spa.

Angela Day Spa was an original stop on our Van Tours, and we had followed its activities for many years. After intervening with the property owner in 2013, signed a lease on the property and watched as the traffickers were evicted.

Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking sexual exploitation by equipping a new generation of Justice warriors to confront culture through prayer awareness and intervention in the spirit of Isaiah 1:17

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nest foundation

Nest was founded as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2004 by Libby Spears while she was directing PLAYGROUND: The Child Sex Trade in America, a film produced by George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Abigail Disney, Lauren Embrey, Arden Wohl, and Tracy & Matt Smith, that investigates the roots and consequences of child sexual exploitation in our own backyard.

Since its founding, Nest has supported public and campus film screenings, trainings, policy advancements, victim services, shelters, and other programs and organizations that strive to make our neighborhoods safe for every child. We are proud to be among a growing number of colleagues and leaders collaborating to put an end to child sexual violence once and for all. The call for a movement has never been more urgent.

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